TP Link WiFi Extender Setup Using Manual Method

tp link wifi extender

Do you think your current internet connection is not serving you the best? In that situation, you should get a TP Link extender. Before you could enjoy all the benefits that an extender offers, you need to perform a TP Link WiFi extender setup.

To ensure you rightfully do the extender setup, get through the following points. Going through these will help you do the setup by using the web interface. So, without further delay, let’s make you familiar with different steps for a perfect extender setup.

How to Set Up TP Link Extender?

Unbox TP Link Repeater

The very first step includes un-wrapping the TP Link extender. Get it out of the box extremely carefully. Once it is out, run a quick physical inspection of the device. Make sure you attach the antennas to the extender (if any).

Apart from that, you must ensure there is nothing with the device before initiating the setup process. In case something is wrong, get it replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Top 65 CrackStreams Alternatives Sites To Watch NFL, NHL & UFC

Plugin the Extender

Next comes the trickiest part where you would be turning on the TP Link extender. So, connect it to a power outlet. Turn on the power button on the extender. A few LED lights will start blinking. Wait for them to settle down before doing anything.

In case the extender has a power cable, make sure it tightly fits your extender. Otherwise, the connection keeps disconnecting would hamper the whole setup process.

Connect to Host Router

Further, you need to connect the Tplinkrepeater to the host router. For that, you need to first place both devices closer. After the extender is in the router’s network space, you can wirelessly connect the devices. However, there is another method as well.

For that, you need to have an Ethernet cable. Connect the Ethernet cable from your extender to the router’s port. It is one of the strongest connections that you can have between an extender and router.

Access a Computer

Now is the time to move to your computer. You can also use a laptop for the next step. Connect and turn on your PC and open a web browser. Make sure you access an updated web browser. Moreover, you need to clear the cookies and cache memory of the chosen web browser.

Apart from that, compatibility is another element that you must be aware of. Choose a web browser depending on the operating system of your system. That ensures you have the best experience.

Log in to Your Extender

To complete the TP Link extender setup process, you should enter its official web address in the web browser’s address bar. Make sure that you don’t commit any errors while typing in the address. Moreover, you need to keep grammatical mistakes in check. After that, press the Enter key to access the extender login page.

After that, enter your login details in the allocated spaces. In case you are completely unaware of your login details, you should read the extender user manual. Furthermore, you should ensure there are no errors while entering the login details.

Follow On Screen Prompts

After logging in, numerous messages prompt on your screen. You need to follow these on screen instructions to complete the TP Link extender setup. Apply all the changes and reboot your extender. It will save all the settings of your extender. In short, the setup process is complete and now you can connect to its network name to access the internet.


Following all the steps mentioned above will help you do the setup process neatly. In case you feel stuck at any point, you should read again the points mentioned above. With everything in check, setting up your extender is easy and smooth. You stay connected to the internet via the WiFi network.