Triund Trek- A perfect weekend destination

truind trek


Triund trek is located in a small hill station in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Triund trek has become a well-known trekking destination among the trekkers of India as well as among tourists from abroad. The place has become popular due to the developments in recent years such as network connectivity and access to this place has become easy. This trek is at an altitude of about 2,828 metres. 

Each year, several tourists visit this trek to enjoy the serenity of this place and rejuvenate themselves in the fresh air of nature. This place consists of infinite breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar Himalayas. Also, there are several tourist destinations near this trek, making this place more recognised. 

Here we present all the information on why Triund is considered a perfect tourist destination among nature lovers:

  • The total duration of the trek is nearly 4-6 hours. 
  • The length of the trek is 9 km approx. But it is advised to stay there overnight to watch the mesmerising sunset and sunrise. So, on average people stay there for at least 2 days. 
  • Considering it a one-day trek, its difficulty level ranges from easy to medium. 
  • The Triund trek has curvy and steep paths. It has well-defined pathways that span through the woods consisting of tall oak trees. 
  • There are no trekking charges for the Trek. 
  • Triund Trek passes through the highest waterfall, The Bhagsu nag waterfall

of Dharamshala, McLeod Ganj.

  • Firstly, You have to reach Dharamkot, the place where the trek begins. It is situated in Mcleodganj. 
  • Triund trek is full of grassy meadows from where you can take a look at the best views of the trek. You can see the Dhauladhar ranges and the scenic beauty of Kangra valley.
  • Mostly, September and October are counted as the best months to visit the trek. At this time, the weather is pleasant and you can trek easily. The climate gets chilly at night. 
  • Monsoons are also considered a good time to trek.

Reasons to trek triund: 

Triund, being one of the most popular tourist attraction sites attracts many tourists from all over India and abroad every year.

Camping: camping at triund is an exertion that tops the list. For adventure seekers and nature lovers, triund is a joyful place. People can enjoy the evening and night sky views from the peak. Also, they can stay in their tents overnight. 

Laka Glacier Trek: 

After triund, people can visit the laka glacier trek which is known for its natural beauty and is somewhat difficult to trek. This path can seem to be tedious for beginners as the trail is steep. This path is approx. 2 km long from the peak of the triund. Once you reach the top, you will be spellbound by the picturesque views of Dhauladhar valley and the Kangra valley. 

Bhagsu waterfall:

On the way to the trek, you will encounter a waterfall named Bhagsu nag waterfall which is one of the highest waterfalls in the area. It is also recognised for its famous shiva temple. Bhagsu waterfall is a natural bliss for the habitants of the area. It is a must-visit if you ever plan a trip to triund. 

Tips for going there:

One must visit the trek with a person who knows the area already and has trekked triund before. It is because the place can be somewhat difficult to find for newcomers. If you want, reserving a camp near the Gallu Devi Temple area can also be considered a better choice. You can also take a rest before starting the journey. 

To taking the best of the trip, you can stay at the camp overnight too. Some guest houses are also available here on the way. These guest houses are installed by the forest department of the area. 

Try to take a good pair of trekking shoes with you to have a comfortable walk. 

How to reach the Triund trek?

The nearest Airport is Gaggal airport which is nearly 13 km from Dharamshala.

The nearest Railway Station is Pathankot junction (85 km from Dharamshala). 

You can also visit the triund by road from NH 503. 

Some of the must-visit destinations nearby are:

Gallu Devi Temple, Shiva Cafe, Norbulingka monastery in Dharamshala and Bhagsu Nag falls.

You can visit triund throughout the year. But the months of January and February are not ideal for trekking as the trek is covered fully with snow in these months. Also, heavy snowfall cuts off the network connectivity and blocks the roads as well.