Troubleshooting Guide for Netgear Router Not Working Issue

Are you facing the Netgear router not working issue? There is a chance that it is not your Netgear Wi-Fi router at fault. The information below will provide you with the answers to why you are facing this issue.

Reasons Behind Netgear Router Not Working Issue

Given below are the reasons why you are facing the Netgear router not working issue.

1. Bad Power Supply

If you have connected the Netgear Wi-Fi router to a damaged power outlet, it will cause problems when you try to access the admin web page. Moreover, doing this also increases the risk of permanent damage to your WiFi device.

2. Poor Connection

A poor connection between your Netgear router and modem is a must. Never try to connect both using an old or damaged Ethernet cable.

3. Outdated Router Firmware

Trying to connect to the internet using an older firmware version of the Netgear Wi-Fi router never works. The reason is, that an older firmware version does not let you open the Netgear web page.

4. WiFi Interference

The placement of the Netgear router plays a vital role. This impacts your router’s ability to connect to the internet. Thus, keep your Netgear router away from electronic devices like televisions, refrigerators, and treadmills.

Never keep the router in proximity to reflective surfaces like mirrors or fish tanks. Also, keep it away from metal objects. These things can cause the wireless network signals to bounce off and lead you to technical issues.

5. Incomplete Router Setup

Another major reason why you might face the Netgear router not working is due to an incomplete router setup. The Netgear router setup is a crucial process to help you connect to the internet. Thus, skipping out on even a single step can cause the router to go haywire.

Do not worry! You can get rid of the Netgear router not working issue and access the Netgear web page by following a few simple steps.

Netgear Router Not Working Troubleshooting Tips

Sufficient Power Supply

The first thing you should look for when facing a Netgear router not working issue is to check the power supply. Make sure there is no damage to the wall power socket. Replace the old power socket with a new one to ensure sufficient power supply to the router.

Proper Connection

For you to have a seamless browsing experience, there has to be a stable connection between the router and modem. Make sure you choose a quality Ethernet cable to connect both devices.

Update Router Firmware

Make sure you keep the Netgear Wi-Fi router’s firmware up-to-date at all times. This not only helps you get rid of the Netgear router not working issue but also helps safeguard the wireless network from unauthorized access.

Zero WiFi Interference

Keeping your Netgear WiFi router in the midst of various electronic devices is not a good idea. Place it in the center of your home. This helps the router get full internet signals from the modem without any hiccups.

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Complete Router Setup

Do not skip a single step of the Netgear router setup. You can consult the user manual to understand how to do that.

You can handle the Netgear router not working issue by keeping in mind the troubleshooting tips described above.