Type of window cleaner

Another interesting system is that of magnetic cleaners. In this case, the cleaner consists of two pieces that are joined by magnets and that allow cleaning both sides of the window at the same time. And to save even more time, we can turn to robotic models, which take care of doing all the work for us. Just drop them in and turn them on and they do the hard work.

Materials and accessories

In order for our window cleaner to accompany us for a long time and maintain its functionality, it is necessary to evaluate both the materials and the accessories that it includes. In an economical or cheap model this is more important, since we will save little if parts are missing or the product has to be changed every so often.

Thus, on the materials side, it is true that it depends in part on the chosen model. In manual models, metal is always preferable to plastic, for having more resistance and better cleaning. In vacuum cleaner or robot-type models, these materials must be suitable for use and offer good resistance to knocks or falls.

Without forgetting to verify the systems that it uses for its operation

As for accessories, again it depends on the type of product chosen. On manual models it is always nice to have additional drying cloths and rubbers. The same happens in robotic or vacuum cleaner models, which also use the same cloths. In these cases, it is also a good idea to check the power source in case it has batteries or a rechargeable battery. In any case, the more accessories, the better.Dimensions and mode of use

Not all windows are the same, and therefore not all Vinduespudser are the same. So as the last piece of advice in our buying guide, the best window cleaner goes right along this line.

The measurements of your windows in part are what should mark your selection.

 It is not the same to clean a large one-piece window as it is to clean the small windows of a palilleria. In each case, it is necessary to choose the exact model, the manual ones (with or without a vacuum cleaner) being generally more efficient for these small spaces. Magnetic or robotic models are recommended for large windows, as they save time and effort in the process.

As for the mode of use, this again has to do with the type of window cleaner we are considering. The robotic models only require mounting on the window, while in the manual models we will have to do all the work ourselves. Something that is facilitated with the vacuum, for example. In this case, the magnetic models, again, barely complicate use and double our cleaning capacity.

 How to use a window cleaner

When we are in our homes we strive to keep everything clean, but this is an arduous task. That is why we seek the help of some appliances that make cleaning easier. Glass windows look good only when they are clean, without traces of dust and stains. To help you maintain them there are window cleaners and here we will explain how to use them.

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