Victony WiFi Extender Firmware Update Stuck? Let’s Fix

Victony WiFi extender

Did you try updating the firmware of your Victony wireless range extender? What happened? Have you failed to get success with the Victony WiFi extender firmware update process? Well, worry not! A lot of users face the Victony WiFi extender firmware update stuck issue.

That is why we’ve decided to pen down this post. Here, we have compiled various troubleshooting tips that will help you fix the problem with ease. However, it will be a wise decision if we shed light on the reasons why the Victony WiFi extender firmware update is stuck. So, read on.

Why Victony WiFi Extender Firmware Update Stuck?

Following are the most possible reasons because of which the firmware update of your Victony extender might have halted:

  • Use of an outdated internet browser for firmware update
  • Improper connectivity between your Victony extender and router
  • Technical glitches are impacting the firmware update process
  • Something is interfering with the WiFi signals of your Victony extender
  • You uploaded an incorrect firmware file

Now let’s make you aware of the troubleshooting techniques to help you rid yourself of the issue at hand.

Fixed: Victony WiFi Extender Firmware Update Stuck

  1. Update the Internet Browser

As mentioned earlier that the Victony WiFi extender firmware update stuck issue might have occurred because of an outdated web browser, you should update the browser first. Simply, navigate to the browser’s settings and check whether a new update is available. If it is, then install the newest software version. Additionally, the browser used for the firmware update process needs to be free of cache and cookies. It won’t load the cached version of the Victony WiFi extender setup page.

  1. Connect Extender and Router

No matter whether you have used a wired or a wireless source to connect your Victony extender and router, the connection needs to be steady. A wireless connection will be stable only if the distance imparted to your WiFi devices is neither too less nor too much. In case a wired connection is there, its stability is determined by the physical condition of the Ethernet cable and the firmness of the connection.

  1. Reboot the Extender

Why don’t you try rebooting your Victony WiFi range extender? It will resolve all minor bugs and errors; generally known as technical glitches. Rebooting the extender is a simple task. All you need to do is give your Victony device some rest. So, switch off your Victony range extender. Let it sit idle for a few moments. Thereafter, switch on your extender again. Once your extender reboots, try to update the firmware. Is the Victony WiFi extender firmware update stuck issue still troubling you? If yes, read the next hack.

  1. Relocate the Extender

When you set up Victony WiFi extender it is advised that the extender must be in a zero or minimum interference zone. But, it seems that you breached this law due to which you are having poor luck now. So, without giving a second thought, change the location of your repeater. However, it doesn’t mean that the extender needs to be picked from one location and dropped to another. It means that you should keep it away from metal appliances, electrical gadgets, reflexive surfaces, and objects containing a large amount of water.

  1. Download the Correct Firmware File

Uploading the incorrect Victony WiFi extender firmware file can bear those negative results that are not even visible. Therefore, never think of uploading the firmware file of some other model on your range extender. Always upload the firmware file that is introduced for the model number of your Victony range extender.

After you download the correct firmware file, refer to the Victony WiFi extender manual and upload it to your extender. The firmware of your extender will get updated within a short period. And with that, you will have successfully troubleshot the Victony WiFi extender firmware update stuck issue.