What Is Face Emotion Analyzer?

A face emotion analyzer is an advanced tool using cutting-edge technology that analyzes facial expressions from videos. This technology is able to recognize and examine feelings and facial expressions. Nowadays, researchers are looking for developed ways to use this technology in a modern world. What are emotions and facial expressions? Why do we need a face emotion analyzer app? 

What are emotions?

Emotions can be called the feelings that accompany us at the moment. When reading a very interesting book, we can feel intrigued by watching a horror movie – fear. When we pass a very difficult exam, we feel joy, and when we have arachnophobia and notice a spider next to us, fear appears in us. They are all listed by some kind of passion. A characteristic feature of them is that they appear suddenly and are related to something – this something may be an event, but also thoughts focused on some topic. People around us also evoke emotions in us. So you can say that feelings are responses to what we encounter on our way.

What are facial expressions?

Facial expressions can be described as specific small muscle movements which show each feeling. Some of the facial expressions are involuntary and some are controlled. In psychology are also known micro mimics which can be defined as small, barely noticeable movements of the facial muscles that appear on the face involuntarily signaling one of the basic emotions: fear, surprise, joy, anger, disgust, contempt, sadness. 

Since some people find it hard to properly and accurately evaluate emotions and facial expressions, there is a special face emotion analyzer for facial expression analysis online.

Applications of Face Emotion Analyzer 

A face emotion analyzer is an application developed in the last few years. Facial expression analysis online is possible thanks to the company Morphcast. Face emotion analyzer can be used in:

  • personalized services: analyzing the sentiments to display some ads, preventing the next customer’s moves in business,
  • customer behavior analysis which may be very important in e-commerce,
  • healthcare: it is possible to detect autism, some diseases, coming depression,
  • employment and HR: better recruitment processes,
  • crime detection,
  • psychology and psychotherapy,
  • influencer marketing,
  • education: monitoring pupils’ moods, detecting problems,
  • analyzing drivers’ fatigue to prevent car accidents.

As you can see, a face Emotion Analyzer can be used in various sectors to create people’s profiles in many situations and make more informed decisions

It’s worth noting that both individuals and organizations can benefit from the available technology to better understand people they interact with.