What is the cheapest way to get HBO?

What is the cheapest way to get HBO?

HBO offers a huge array of deals and plans to avail of their services at a cheaper and reasonable rate. These packages and plans vary from time to time and are offered every now and then for a lifetime or limited usage. The latest and a very cheapest plan introduced by HBO offers HBO streaming for only $9.99 and with some ads as well. There are many other deals like using Amazon Prime with HBO. HBO provides a 7-days free trial to its eligible users or the ones that have not availed of this opportunity yet and after the completion of this free trial, users are charged the standard $14.99 on monthly basis for their HBO subscription. Moreover, there are many other packages and deals associated with other service providers or companies in collaboration with HBO like Fiber internet offers free accessibility of HBO on the subscription of its 1000 Mbps internet package powered by AT&T. This article provides all the details and knowledge that you need to know in order to get the cheapest HBO plan.

If you are looking for a cheaper and reasonable HBO package, then you are at the right place as we have gathered all the plans and packages offered by HBO which are relatively cheaper and can be used efficiently. The cheapest HBO plans according to our research are HBO Max, Cox Cables, and AT&T. HBO Max is a service started by HBO in recent years and it offers HBO services at the cheapest rate of $14.99 per month. Similarly, Cox Cable offers HBO a monthly rent of around $10.00. Also, the AT&T services provide HBO free for unlimited usage and for a lifetime just by subscribing to one of their internet packages. Sometimes, the package or plan seems way too good to be true and your hunch is true in most of the cases, as these service providers and companies often hide the important information or the catch in their offers that if not scrutinized at the time of selection and browsing, costs you your hard-earned money and time.

Let us discuss all the cheapest offers of HBO.


The internet service providing company, AT&T offers HBO for the lifetime if you use their services for the internet. If you are not already using the internet from any other company, this is your chance to convert to AT & T as they provide unlimited usage of HBO. Not only that, the use of their data over the internet also includes services and plans having unlimited text, call, data etc. along with the free HBO streaming as well. You can easily stream HBO on your gadgets be it your laptop, phone or TV.           

HBO with cable TV

In many cases, cable TV providers usually provide HOB subscriptions in their plans. Customers do not have to purchase the HBO subscription separately. The existing cable package includes the HBO as well as it makes it easier for users to access HBO. In some cases, HBO plans are offered for a specific time period like for a month or two and in many cases, no extra charges are being imposed on the customers as it is included in the cable package. This type of package benefits the users as they do not have to worry about the separate subscription offers and their extra charges as all the expenses are included in the cable TV bills.

Cox Cable

The use of Cox cable also opens the gateway for cheap HBO packages. To those who are already using Cox cable, they can avail HBO plans at a cheap rate of $10 on a monthly basis. And for those who are using some other cable TV services, should think about shifting to Cox cable as they offer cheaper services for HBO. Cox cable can also be used for internet services. The use of both internet and cable TV using Cox cable can be productive and cost effective as they will cover both the charges in one subscription. Moreover, you can add HBO at a reasonable cost as well.     


The use of DirecTV can be considered the most useful when it comes to choices and deals offered by the company in order to attract the customers and lift their sales. The package from Netflix on DirecTV includes free HBO access at your doorstep that too at no cost at all for three months. But the users must remain vigilant as these deals often come with a few downsides. In this case, it is the additional charges charged by the DirecTV service providers on the monthly basis and they may become a headache for you later on. The regular price of HBO through DirecTV is around $18.95 per month.   


Mediacom does not offer any auspicious deals or packages when it comes to HBO as their prices are way too high and service is not very promising as there are less choices and packages to choose from. This is why, the use of Mediacom is not recommended.   

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