Best Winter Cycling Jacket for Commuting, Bikepacking, & Touring

Winter Cycling Jacket

You are searching for the perfect jacket to keep you dry and warm in winter. We are so fortunate to have the ability to use the technology of today’s clothing technology to our advantage and be able go out on an adventure if the weather isn’t too bad

Cycle Travel Overload is all about bikepacking and exploring on bikes. We have a great article that lists the best clothing for bikepacking. This is the place we began to list the best winter biking jackets. We will include additional recommendations from cyclists who commute, race, or simply love to take a moment to enjoy the scenery as they travel across the country and around the globe.

Are you also interested in winter-specific boots or shoes? This article will help you to understand the various options available and what winter-style cycling shoes are best for you.

What to Look for in a Winter Cycling Jacket?

Take your first look at a winter jacket for cycling. It is important to know what type of riding you are going to be doing. Do you race or train on the road? Are you commuting to work by bike? Or mountain biking? For all of these types of riding, we will be covering the best winter biking jackets. You should decide what style suits you best. You may want to feel and look like a pro-racer in tight lycra. A tight-fitting best winter cycling jacket will give you all the aerodynamic benefits of a racer’s outfit. Are you more casual like me? You prefer to wear looser fitting jackets so that you can shop and go out in cafes. You have to decide for yourself. When I bikepack around Australia, I don’t care about being aero. However, most jackets for touring or commuting are lighter than some of the bulkier options.

looking for a winter cycling jackets

Winter brings rain! A jacket that is waterproof (ideal) and water repellent is still an option. It would also be great if the jacket dried quickly. A fully waterproof rain jacket is your best option if it’s going to rain continuously. If it’s just a light drizzle, a soft-shell jacket made of water repellent fabric is sufficient. Waterproof jackets can be heavier, bulkier and more heavy than a soft-shell. Soft-shell jackets of lighter weight are better at absorbing road spray and short showers, but they also offer greater fit, comfort, and breathability. You want to make sure your jacket does a good job of repelling water, but is also breathable so that you don’t get cold from the rain.

Windproof fabrics can be a blessing! Cold winds are a common problem in winter conditions. You should avoid jackets made of thin materials as the cold winds can blow straight through them. You don’t want wind blocking materials that block the wind and restrict your breathability. There are materials today that offer the best of both the worlds. They stop cold air from coming in, but allow our sweat to escape. This will prevent us from overheating and sweating. Some jackers are designed with heavier fabrics at the front and lighter fabrics at the back.


When choosing jackets or bike gloves , it is important to choose jackets that have reflective details and high visibility colors. Even if your bike has lights, you still want to be visible when you ride at night or in the rain. This will make it safer to be on the road. This doesn’t mean that you should dress like a road worker. High visibility jackets are available in a variety of styles that look great and also offer excellent visibility.

There are several extremely cool-looking jackets with high visibility colours available right now are as follows :

  • Showers Pass Elite 2.1
  • Arc’teryx Gamma MX
  • 7mesh Rebellion Bike Jacket
  • Showers Pass Double Century
  • Patagonia Dirt Roamer
  • Rapha Classic Winter Jacket
  • Gore C7 Gore-Tex Shakedry Stretch Jacket

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